Pathfinders Academy offers on-site STEAM based learning experiences for K-5 homeschooling, charter, and unschooling families in Ventura County. We provide interactive, child-centered, evidence-based, learning in a safe, fun, social atmosphere.

Personal Learning

We are a small, exclusive educational program. Our small class sizes allow us to develop long lasting, authentic relationships, and this creates an optimal environment for deep learning.

Expert Teachers

Let our expert teachers help you reinvent your child’s education. Our highly trained teachers serve as a curiosity coach for your child’s academic and social-emotional development.

Hands-on Learning

Pathfinders Academy provides an interactive environment, tailored to the needs of the individual child. Here, children not only thrive, but also learn the skills to become self-directed learners.

Safe, Fun and Social

We work towards the development of critical thinking and collaboration as well as compassion, confidence and resilience in a nurturing and playful environment.

Flexible Options

Pathfinders Academy offers full-day and part-day options during our 2 learning seasons (Fall and Spring) as well as during as our summer camp.

Charter school funds are welcomed. We work with Blue Ridge Academy, Golden Valley Charter and the schools of IEM. If your school is not listed, please inquire.

Interest-Led Classes

Our interest-led classes are the epitome of child-centered learning. In these classes, interesting ideas and unanswered questions unleash contagious creative energy in our learning community.

-Dr. La Monte, Founder

Expert-Led Classes

In conjunction to our interest-led classes, Pathfinders Academy offers teacher-led classes that are organized around projects involving real world problems.

Homegrown Quality

Dr. La Monte, a Ventura County native and homeschooling mother of three, created Pathfinders Academy in 2018 as a child-centered, research-informed, learning center and makerspace. Pathfinders Academy provides hands-on STEAM education designed to provide flexible options for families that seek high-quality academic enrichment for their homeschooled, charter, and unschooling scholars enrolled in grades K-5.