Our Values

Dear Parents,

I developed Pathfinders Academy in response to a lack of high-quality local options available to help me provide a meaningful education for my children.  When my first two children (both precocious, one shy and the other gregarious) were about to enter the school system I did not want them to experience a traditional compliance-based classroom, as I knew that this type of environment would smother their innate drive, curiosity, and love of learning. I wanted them in an environment that not only valued their individuality, but also sparked their intellect. I also needed an environment that would expertly guide the development of their communication, collaboration and problem-solving skills, allowing them to become proficient self-directed learners, ready for what the future holds.

Since I could not find what I needed for my family I opened Pathfinders Academy in the fall of 2018 as a pilot program for a limited number of families. We grew and planned to expand to a new location; however, as the world health crisis emerged I paused our programming. I am happy to report that we now have a great location with two learning labs, and are now open for the learning, exploration and fun to begin again!

My goal, through Pathfinders, is to help you provide educational experiences in which your children not only become self-directed learners, but find their innate talent. Together we work towards the development of communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking skills as well as confidence and resilience in a nurturing, supportive and playful environment. Pathfinders holistic focus on the whole child goes far beyond simple content knowledge, the sole focus of most school systems, and our educational practices echo this focus. 

I believe that children are inherently curious, capable individuals, and each develops at his or her inherent rate. To this end, children are purposefully guided in the development of their natural curiosity, intellect, and skills through their experiences while at Pathfinders Academy.


Michelle E. La Monte, Ph.D.

Founder and Director