Summer Camps

Join us for the BEST SUMMER EVER!!!

Join us for an amazing summer of creativity and exploration at Pathfinders Summer Camp. Come ready to discover, explore, create, make friends and lasting memories. Our camp sessions are expertly designed to be engaging, fun and playful.  Campers develop their innate skills of collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity as they practice being scientists and engineers. Sessions for 2022 include Rocketeering, Engineering, Arts & Crafting, Gross Science, Survival Science, Cooking, Secret Agent Training and our favorite, the Cardboard Regatta.

Camp Hours: 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM daily

Extended Day (+ Camp Hours): 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM daily

2022 Weekly Camp Sessions

May 31 – June 3* | Launch the Best Summer Ever

Launch your summer celebration with Pathfinders Summer Camp! Our first week of camp will include art, science, cooking, and much more! *Please note that this is a 4 day week.

June 6 – 10 | Rocketeers

Ready for lift off in 3… 2… 1… Experience the excitement of building and launch your own rocket prototypes. Designed to introduce the basic rocketry concepts of Newtonʼs Laws of Motion and the Engineering Design Process we will create our own air powered rockets, rocket cars, and payload rockets.

June 13 – 17 | Efficacious Engineers

Put your engineering hats on as we build and test giant structures, and crazy contraptions. If we ask ourselves “What makes structures strong enough to withstand earthquakes?” – then we need to test it! Bring out the Earthquake machine! We will find out what it means to be an engineer as we build and test our designs to make sure they can withstand the stresses of earthquakes and other natural disasters.

June 20-24 | Arts & Crafts

Campers will unleash their inner artist and find new ways to express themselves in a different medium each day. Art concepts such as color, line, shape and texture will be introduced and practiced. Campers will draw, paint and learn how to weave. From tie dye, to weaving, pastels and paints campers will come home with multiple masterpieces.

June 27-July 1 | Gross Science

Explore the science of things gross, gooey and messy. Be prepared to get your hands dirty! Is that slime or snot? Have you washed your hands yet? If not, let’s find out what creatures live on you! Can you eat bugs? What about worms? If so, then why? If you did eat them, what happens when they visit your digestive system?

July 5 – 8* | Survival Science

Imagine you are stranded in the wilderness. How would you live? Where would you sleep? How would you eat?  Learn fun practical skills to help you survive such an unfortunate series of events. Learn to build a shelter, track animals, signal for help, make a solar oven and spark a campfire using primitive tools. CAMP HELD AT STEKEL PARK. LIMITED SPACE. *Please note that this is a 4 day week.

July 11-15 | All Cooked Up

If you love food AND science, then this camp is for you! As you learn how to follow recipes, and how to safely use kitchen tools, you will also learn about the connections between cooking and chemistry as you create delicious culinary creations.  We definitely won’t forget to eat our experiments this week! 

July 18 – 22 | Out of this World Science

Explore the sun, the moon and the stars in our Out of this World Science camp.  Create a nebulous galaxy, your own mini solar system and its constellations. Learn the phases of the moon, then design and build your own rocketship. Can you launch it to the moon? What about the International Space Station? If you made it there, what would it be like?

July 25 – 29 | Secret Agent Training

 Selected as one of an elite squad of special agents, you will need to create your secret identity, find out your secret code name, create your own identification badges and make sure your spy kit is go-ready.  You will need to convey secret messages to other secret agents, crack codes, identify suspects and make sure the Devious Dude doesn’t dare steal the diamonds.

August 1-5 | Cardboard Regatta

Campers will work in teams of two to build cardboard boats.  Campers will learn basic boat design and construction principles, as well important knowledge about buoyancy and waterproofing (lots of duct tape). For those that are interested, the final test is the Annual  Cardboard Boat Regatta at the Aquatic Center, where we see who can race to the finish. We won last year!!